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A Summer's Dream at The Belmont Manor

The afternoon was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. When I arrived at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Mallory and her six beautiful bridesmaids were wrapping up their hair and makeup. Each of the girls looked stunning in their baby blue gowns and although Mallory had not yet donned her gown, she was already the most stunning bride.

The early afternoon was filled with laughter, anticipation and a few tears. Mallory's younger sister flew in from Hawaii to celebrate the big day. Nearly a year before, we all gathered to celebrate Megan and Tyler's wedding and say our goodbyes as they headed out on their new adventure in Hawaii.

Helped by her sisters, best friends, cousins and mother, Mallory slipped into her gown.

Bride and her mother look into a mirror together as the mother kisses the bride on her cheek.

St Mark's Episcopal Church. Six bridesmaids in blue are all looking lovingly at the bride

As a surprise to her husband-to-be, Mallory wrote him a letter. I had the pleasure of capturing the moment when Luke read the words written by his bride-to-be. After Luke finished the letter, the entire room could feel the love he has for Mallory and the excitement to become one with her.

Groom is sitting on a stool looking at a letter he is holding in his and. He is not wearing a jacket but he is wearing suit bottoms, a vest and a blue tie

St Mark's Episcopal Church. Six groomsmen are dressed in gray and looking at the camera. Groom is in center looking away from the camera

As the guests began to arrive at Mallory and Luke's quintessential white church, the tension in the room began to grow. The attention shifted as the groom and his groomsmen lined up, and the bridesmaids walked down the isle.

St Mark's Episcopal Church. White church with black shutters and a red door

The moment we all had been waiting for was here. The doors to the church closed and a hush fell over the entire sanctuary. As everyone turned and stood for Mallory and her father, a collective joy filled the entire room.

A bride stands at the corner of St. Mark's Episcopal Church and looks in. She is wearing a long veil and holding her bouquet

Luke's beaming eyes never left Mallory's face. Smiling, blushing and radiant, Mallory and her dad made their way down the isle.

The ceremony was sweet and filled with worship for Jesus who gave Mallory and Luke the ability to love so deeply. "We love because He first loved us."

Ceremony at St Mark's Episcopal Church. Red isle runner and you can see some guests and the bride and groom as they stand at the front of the church

Mallory's older sister was just a few months pregnant and stood by Mallory's side as the Matron of Honor. Mallory's younger sister sang a beautiful tribute to the love that Luke and Mallory share. As the newly married couple was announced for the first time, the church erupted into applause and congratulations!

After the ceremony, Mallory and Luke headed to their reception at the Belmont Manor & Historic Park. It was Mallory's dream to have her wedding at this gorgeous historic property.

The Belmont Manor and Historical Park house. Yellow house with dark shutters and a two sided walkway that leads to the front entrance

The historic Belmont Manor is filled with gorgeous rooms and historical artifacts. Outside, perfectly manicured gardens have winding paths so everyone can stroll through and enjoy the beautiful flowers.

As Mallory and Luke spent some quiet time in the garden together, I followed them around to capture these sweet first moments of married life. The Belmont gardens were the perfect backdrop to memorialize this special day forever.

Bride and groom at the Belmont Maonr and Historic park. Bride is looking down and groom is looking lovingly at bride

Bride and groom at the Belmont Maonr and Historic park. Bride is looking at camera and groom has his eyes closed and resting his head on the bride

Bride and groom at the Belmont Maonr and Historic park. Both are far away from the camera, looking intently at each other and wandering the gardens

Bride at the Belmont Maonr and Historic park. Bride is spinning in the garden and her veil is swept out behind her

As the evening progressed, we headed back to the big tent filled with flowers and fairy lights. There was pizza, laughter, hugs and speeches. I don't think I saw a dry eye in the crowd during the daddy-daughter dance or the mother-son dance.

Belmont Manor and Historic Park. Mother is dancing with son and crying. She is holding her face in her hand as she cries

Belmont Manor and Historic Park. Father and daughter are dancing. Father looks contemplative and a little sad. Daughter is resting her head on her dad

To finish the evening of celebration, we all gathered on the dance floor and danced the night away! We lined the driveway and filled the air with bubbles as the couple headed out on their honeymoon to the Bahamas!

Belmont Manor and Historic Park. Dance party on the floor. Bride has beads on her and everyone is clapping

Dancing at the Belmont Manor & Historic Park. People are clapping, laughing and dancing together

Dancing at the Belmont Manor & Historic Park. People are clapping, laughing and dancing together

I could not have asked for a more perfect day for Mallory and Luke. It was an honor and a joy to be a part of their wedding day.

Belmont Manor and Historic Park. Bride and Groom are surrounded by family and friends. They are kissing. It is dark out but there is light illuminating the bubbles that fill the air

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