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Bella // September 2020

I met Bella's parents when they first moved to Mt. Airy a million years ago and they were still pretty much newlyweds. We've had some fun memories with her parents over the years including the time we took our camper to their lake property and got it stuck in the mud. 😬 With Dave's coaching, Eric's mad driving skills, and a lot of prayer, we finally freed it preventing it from sliding down the hill into the lake. Then one day, they had a little girl, and another one and finally a little boy. Now that first little girl is a high school senior and I truly wonder where the time has gone?! Bella is a runner and all around athlete and truly a beautiful, gentle soul. I didn't realize how much she is the spitting image of her mom as far as looks and mannerisms go! Our time together roaming around the streets of Frederick provided many great spots for her senior session. In a few short months, high school will be behind her and her future ahead!

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