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Emily & Leo 6/5/21

I've known Emily since she was a young teenager and have spent many wonderful hours chatting about everything under the sun with her! Traveling the USA and foreign countries has given her a well-rounded view of life and people. When she decided to move to Minnesota (who would ever want to live in that cold climate is beyond me!) to get her Master's Degree, little did she know or dream that she'd meet Mr. Wonderful. I know for a fact that Leo had to really work hard to win her heart but win it he did!! After about a year of dating, he popped the question, she said yes, and the rest is history!

Set in the beautiful countryside of Libertytown, MD, she and Leo decided to say their vows in the backyard of her childhood home. Many, many wonderful memories have been made over the years in that historic red house and backyard and it was fitting that they'd choose to celebrate with family and dear friends there as well. The day was hot for early June but we had plenty of sunshine and excitement to go around and it was perfect for their wedding! Leo is from Mexico so everyone go to enjoy a Hispanic themed reception with the best homemade tacos you've ever eaten! (I'm not gonna lie - my favorite part about being a wedding photographer is all of the scrumptious food I get to eat!)

Girls, find yourself a man who looks at you the way Leo looks at Emily - with pure and beautiful adoration! I'm so happy for both of them and know that Leo is the perfect man for Emily. Congratulations Emily & Leo! ❤️

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