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Fall Festival At The Mount Airy Fairgrounds

Although the weather was less than ideal, we had a wonderful time at the first annual Fall Festival hosted by the Dan Hozhabri Group! The goal of this festival was to bring our community together and allow them to meet some of the town's locally owned businesses. The Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company graciously hosted the event at their fairgrounds and provided free parking for all!

We had pony rides, a pumpkin smash, multiple rounds of bingo, free games, amazing crafts such as pumpkin painting, and more! The Cryin' Johnnie's food truck pulled up to supply the festival goers with hot dogs and fries and no one was seen without a handful of fresh donuts or a hot bag of popcorn.

Group of people sitting on hay bales with orange pumpkins and yellow flowers for decoration

As a participant of the festival, I offered a free photobooth and photos! We were dry and warm under the awning and invited all families in to snap a photo together. I enjoyed all of the creative costumes that came through thanks to the costume contest that the Dan Hozhabri Group hosted! Between the costumes and my cheery fall backdrop, everyone left with an adorable family photo to remember the day by.

Group of costumed children on hay bales. One is wearing a snowman head, one is wearing a unicorn head and one is dressed as a Mario Brothers character

Couple sitting on hay bales surrounded by orange pumpkins and yellow flowers

Three children in costume. One is a unicorn, one is in a pink suit and one is a ninja

A mother and daughter sitting on hay bales with orange pumpkins and yellow flowers. Daughter is dressed as Adams Family character

We had a few furry guests arrive at the photobooth and it was so much fun to pet them and snap some shots! A very polite guest who is working to become a Hero Dog enjoyed his time up on the hay bales with his handler! Hero Dogs is an organization that provides service dogs for our military and First Responders.

Smiling lady and her black Labrador Retriever are sitting on a hay bale surrounded by orange pumpkins and yellow flowers

Overall, the day was a booming success. The many local businesses who donated their time and energy were rewarded with smiles and love from the community. We all enjoyed meeting some of our local neighbors and spending time with old friends!

Father and daughter are sitting on hay bales and smiling at the camera.

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